Morgane Antoine was born in France and had the chance to travel the world from an early age opening up to many other cultures and natural wonders. Her thirst for discovery took her across Europe and North America while studying engineering. Health issues forced her to reconsider her career and led her to embrace her creative path.

As a self-taught wildlife artist, Morgane started by studying the works of hyperrealism masters such as Robert Bateman or Carl Brenders. She has perfected her own technique with acrylic to capture her subjects with amazing details and depth. She always combines her skills with a naturalist approach. Morgane cherishes her deep connection with nature and feels the need to share its beauty in every brushstroke.

Morgane’s art has won several international prizes, including places in the finals of the BBC and David Shepherd “Wildlife Artist of the Year” competitions in the UK and two-time winner of the “Golden Turtle Wildlife Festival” in Russia. She has also received numerous awards in all the major miniature shows in the USA and Canada. She was published in 2010 in the book « L’Art Animalier : la relève des artistes contemporains » (“Animal Art: contemporary artists taking over”) in France. Furthermore, she was chosen as “Artist of the Month” in 2013 by The Artist’s Magazine in the USA.

Morgane’s paintings can be found in private collections and she offers custom portraits and commissions. When time allows, she loves to share her techniques through workshops or demonstrations. She also supports ongoing wildlife conservation efforts by helping to raise funds and to educate people with her work.

Why Wildlife Art?

Artist statement

My work is a perpetual quest to capture the fleeting moment of truth and awe that can be felt when encountering a wild animal. In my acrylic paintings, I immerse the viewer in a world of lifelike details and hyperrealistic textures. I want them to feel the touch of nature in every tiny brushstroke, to lose themselves in the depth of myriad layers and to be on the lookout for creatures escaping from the canvas.

My approach is both technical and naturalist with an intensive work of observation, research and reference gathering. It gives me the intimate knowledge necessary to faithfully portray my subjects in their environment. Some paintings take up to several months to complete. Wildlife art is all about passion but also patience, a stark contrast to our society frantic pace.

In the current trend of unrestrained plundering of our planet resources, I find myself yearning to reconnect with my wild roots. I long to share the majestic yet fragile beauty of nature through my work. Beyond the artistic appeal, I want this journey through animal kingdom to awaken a sense of responsibility in wildlife conservation.


Artist statement

Gallery Representation

  • Lovetts Gallery - 6528 East 51st Street, Tulsa, OK 74145, USA -

    Established in 1978 in Tulsa, Lovetts Gallery is the oldest Oklahoma fine art gallery specializing in vast artistic diversity, including local, regional, national and international artists working in nearly every genre and medium. As a Tulsa art gallery, Lovetts Gallery has worked diligently over the decades to continually represent the most talented, driven and committed artists who produce works that are visually stunning, emotionally fulfilling, and culturally and historically significant.

  • Art Focus Montana
    215 West Main Street, Hamilton, MT 59840, USA.

Recent Awards & Recognition

  • Third Place International category
    Egyptian Wonders - View original
    2021 - MPSGS 88th Annual International Exhibition of Fine Art in Miniature, USA
  • Wolf Awareness Week Poster Winner
    Shades of Grey - View original
    2021 - Timber Wolf Alliance(Sigurd Olson Environmental Institute of Northland College), WI, USA
  • Prix de la Diffusion Culturelle de Lévis
    White Beauties of Camargue - View original
    2021 - Internationale d'Art Miniature of Lévis (QC), Canada
  • Best Oil/Acrylic
    Arctic Light - View original
    2021 - 30th International Miniature Art Show at Seaside Art Gallery, USA
  • Top Ten Finalist
    Eyes on the Prize - View original
    2021 - New Western Talents exhibition at Western Gallery, USA
  • 2nd Place, category Painting - Animal in Nature
    Did Ya Hear That? - View original
    2020 - Golden Turtle Wildlife Festival, Russia

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  • Society of Animal Artists (SAA) Associate Member, USA
  • Miniature Artists of America (MAA) Signature Member, USA
  • The Miniature Art Society of Florida (MASF) member, USA
  • The Miniature Painters, Sculptors & Gravers Society of Washington, D.C. (MPSGS) member, USA