Welcome to the art world of wildlife artist Morgane Antoine where her passion and fascination for the natural wonders mingle with her paint pigments.

Every brushstroke is an invitation to travel through animal kingdom and discover the beauty of Nature. From agile big cats to bulky bears, tireless wolves to swift rabbits or the more familiar sight of graceful horses and faithful pets, each painting captures in an amazingly detailed and realistic way their true essence and spirit.

Commissions and custom portraits are always welcomed. Inquiries may come directly to the artist and if you have any comments or questions, please don't hesitate to contact Morgane.

Thank you for your visit, and enjoy your journey!

Latest News / Releases

"Spotted" and "Jungle Ghost" have won through the final of the BBC Wildlife Artist of the Year 2013 in the International Artist category!

"Fencing in the Dust", new painting of two fighting oryxes in clouds of dust.

New open and signed limited edition prints are now available:

are waiting for you!