Online Wildlife
Art Workshop

Painting fur in acrylic
- Basic principles

Bring your wildlife art to the next level in just 4 weeks by learning the secrets to breathtaking hyper realistic fur without having to paint a million strokes!

"I finally understood why I was always getting a flat look on my animal paintings. It’s like magic when you see it pop in 3D for the first time! " - Nathan

Here is how the small ONLINE group works:

  • 4 weekly sessions: with a clear roadmap and easy step by step demonstrations to learn how to build up hyper realistic fur texture.
  • Theory & practice: every session has 30min of theory & 1h30min of practice so you can test right away every step I teach and ask me all the questions you want in real time.
  • Processes, tips and techniques: so that you can bring a dynamic feeling to your wildlife portraiture, adapt the teachings to your own creative practice and reuse the knowledge on a multitude of subjects.
  • Recording of the sessions and PDF handouts: so that you can watch again the lessons while referring to the teaching notes and catch up if you missed a class.
  • Optional extra 1:1 critiques: every week you can send me a private email and I will critique your progress with detailed feedback and help you overcome specific challenges that you are facing in your wildlife paintings.

Course summary:

  • Week 1: Introduction to the basic principle of fur painting, demystifying and simplifying the process. A word about the material. Base layer and mapping.
  • Week 2:Second cycle – the ugly stage.
  • Week 3: Third cycle – where the magic happens.
  • Week 4: Refining and finishing touches. Final review. Moving forward and adapting the technique.
Suitable for all levels

"I really enjoyed this very clear and friendly workshop, I was a bit afraid I wouldn’t manage as I hadn’t touched a brush in years. I am not a very meticulous or patient person but I think I did really well!" - Chantal

"I had a blast with this workshop and I thought Morgane was an incredible guide to help us pull these paintings off!" - Sylvie

"I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and learned some new techniques to try out on my own subjects. Many thanks for such brilliant notes.....they are very impressive! I will definitely be looking at the next workshops to see what else I can learn." - Sara