The Artist

Renowned for capturing the true essence and spirit of her subjects in amazingly detailed and realistic works of art, Morgane’s passion & fascination for the natural wonders mingle with her acrylic pigments and every brushstroke invites you to travel through animal kingdom.

As a self-taught artist, Morgane has perfected her talent by studying the technique of hyperrealism masters such as Robert Bateman, Carl Brenders or Terry Isaac. The approach is both technical and naturalist with an intensive work of observation, research and reference gathering on the subjects and their environment as an intimate knowledge is key to faithfully portray the creatures’ grace, agility and nobility. Some pieces take up to several months to complete, wildlife art is all about passion but also patience.

Morgane’s art has won numerous international prizes and awards, her work can be found in private collections across North America and Europe and she offers custom portraits and commissions. She also supports ongoing wildlife conservation efforts by helping to raise funds and to educate people with her work.

Why Wildlife Art?

Artist statement

From a graphic point of view, wild animals are a wonderful challenge for any artist: with their incredible diversity of habitats, shapes, colors, textures and behaviors they are fascinating subjects of study.

But beyond the artistic appeal, when you know that many species are threatened and on the brink of extinction, painting and showing them becomes a necessity, a duty to raise awareness, educate the public and support conservation efforts.


Artist statement

Recent Awards & Recognition

  • First Place Animals category and Award of Excellence
    Egyptian Wonders - View original
    2020 - The Miniature Art Society of Florida (MASF) 45th Annual International Miniature Art Show, USA
  • Second Place International category
    Forest Playground - View original
    2019 - MPSGS 86th Annual International Exhibition of Fine Art in Miniature, USA
  • 1st Prize, category Painting - Portrait of the Animal
    Bobcat Viewpoint - View original
    2019 - Golden Turtle Wildlife Festival, Russia
  • Sponsor Award
    Mounting Tension - View original
    2019 - Internationale d'Art Miniature of Lévis (QC), Canada
  • Sponsor Award
    Desert Colors - View original
    2019 - Parklane Gallery 27th Annual International Juried Miniature Show, USA
  • Best Animals and Birds
    Bobcat Viewpoint - View original
    2019 - PleinAir Salon February/March competition, PleinAir Magazine, USA

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