Registration - Summer 2017 intensive workshop in Paris

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What is your acrylic painting level (not necessarily wildlife painting)? 

What are your expectations, goals regarding this workshop, what specific points would you like to work on with Morgane?

What cat from the Parc des Félins would you like to paint as a priority?


Do you work mostly? 

Do you have special dietary needs (e.g. vegetarian etc.)?

What do you drink (several answers possible)?:
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How will you come to the Parc des Félins?


I will pay by? 
I would like to pay In full 750€ (712.50€ if paid by April 15th 2017)
250€ Deposit now + 500€ Balance on or before June 17th 2017
250€ Deposit now + 250€ installment on or before May 22nd + 250€ Balance on or before June 17th 2017
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