Finalist of The Artist’s Magazine 29th Annual Art Competition!

I am proud to announce that my painting “Over the Edge” has been selected as a finalist in the Animal/Wildlife category of The Artist’s Magazine 29th Annual Art Competition! :-D :-D :-D

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A Prayer for the Snow Leopard

That’s the title of my latest painting, 16”x24” acrylic on canvas. I thought it fitted well the spirit of this pair of snow leopards looking hopefully to the prayer flags floating in the Himalayan wind. These beautiful animals are unfortunately very threatened and one can only hope – and pray – that we will find a solution for their future survival.
Thank you to “Tequila” for the picture of the cats taken at the zoo of “Doué La Fontaine” in France.

A Prayer for the Snow Leopard, acrylic painting of snow panthers.

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New paintings!

These had been completed quite some time ago but I hadn’t had the time to scan them properly. So, without further ado, I’m presenting you “Fire in the Sky”, 16″x32″ acrylic on gallery-wrapped canvas of a puma standing on canyon rocks with the sun setting fire to the sky. I used my newly acquired airbrush to do some of the clouds and boy, that was tricky and stressful, I thought more than one time that I was going to ruin it all… In the end it was a pleasure to revert to my tiny brushes to paint the details of the rocks and cat, at least I know I can count on them not to blow off paint at random :mrgreen: Finally I think it turned out OK ;-)

Fire in the Sky, acrylic painting of a mountain lion.

Fire in the Sky, detail

And this is “Shake Shake Shake”, a 16” x 16” acrylic painting of a polar bear shaking the water off his fur. I had a lot of fun with the droplets for which I used an old toothbrush. In the end there were as much on the desk and on my apron as there were on the canvas :mrgreen:

 Shake Shake Shake, acrylic painting of a polar bear.

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BBC Wildlife Artist of the Year 2012 Finalist!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted here on the blog but I wanted to share some very good news with you as my painting “White Beauty” of a blue eyed tiger has won through the final of the BBC Wildlife Artist of the Year 2012 in the International Artist category for the second year in a row!!! Woohoo :-D

White Beauty, acrylic painting of a white tiger.

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Christmas Art Markets / Marchés de Noël

Pour ceux qui sont en Ile de France et qui souhaiteraient venir voir quelques unes de mes peintures (et peut-être trouver des idées cadeaux :-) ), j’expose au Salon d’Automne de Villecresnes (94) les 26 et 27 novembre, ainsi qu’au Marché de Noël de Saint-Cyr-l’Ecole (78) les 3 et 4 décembre avec beaucoup d’animations de prévues pour petits et grands : clowns, magiciens, caricaturste, démos…

Venez nombreux!

New tiger artwork

I had started this painting tiger during the MIWAS art market, didn’t had much time to work on it afterwards, but I finally managed to put the last brushstrokes on it :-)
I’m quite happy with the result of this closely cropped portrait, which is not something I do a lot since I usually prefer to paint some background when possible. The cat has a lot of presence, as if she was looking at something with a lot of attention…

Varnish, high res scan, and it’ll be ready to go to a new home. If you think you’d like to have it for yourself, just add it to the cart!

“Mesmerizing”, 16”x12” acrylic on canvas.

 Mesmerizing, tiger acrylic painting

 Mesmerizing, detail