MIWAS Summer Exhibition 2012: new venue, but the fun is the same!

Back from MIWAS 2012 Summer Exhibition, and boy, that was good!

New venue, new dates… to be honest I was a bit afraid of the change as the Marwell zoo was a magical place to exhibit wildlife art and well, old habits die hard :mrgreen:
But those fears have been quickly dismissed when we saw the huge crowd that had gathered for the preview night! And we didn’t even had time to set up our pitch for the art market on the Friday morning before scores of visitors came in to have a look at all the great art on display! The communication around the event really worked well so thanks to all the MIWAS team and all who made the buzz!

As usual, the atmosphere was fantastic, we had a lot of fun, talked and laughed a lot with other artists and visitors, made new friends. The place was great with a good light (except maybe during the night market where you needed cat’s eyes to see in the dark corners ;-) ), kind of a labyrinth with all the inside corridors but it provided a good opportunity to continue the dicussion with buyers on the way to the room for credit card payments.

We even had a special guest appearance with Stephen the Skunk. I didn’t know skunks could be kept as pets and they are truly cute and funny creatures with fat little bellies you just want to rub and stroke! Wanna take a bet on how many paintings of skunks we’ll have next year for the 2013 exhibition?

All in all it was a very good exhibition, I sold “Aurora song” (my latest wolf painting) and “Morning Patrol” along with lots of prints, so a big thank you to all the art lovers, collectors and buyers for supporting my art. If you missed any of them or want to buy some more, please visit the gallery and just add them to your shopping cart!

See you next year guys!

Sneak peek: you can see the first brushstrokes of my new painting of a leopard here :-) If you already like what you see and would like to reserve it, inquiries may come directly to me.