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New tiger artwork

I had started this painting tiger during the MIWAS art market, didn’t had much time to work on it afterwards, but I finally managed to put the last brushstrokes on it I’m quite happy with the result of this closely cropped portrait, which is not something I do a lot since I usually prefer to [...]

Face to Face – step 8… finally!

At last, Face to Face is fnished! Oh my, I had nightmares about all those hair and grass… Next step, framing! I entered it in SmallWorks NorthAmerica 2008 juried artshow (see their website at ), acceptance notification on September 24th… Enjoy!

Face to Face – step 7

The buffalo is almost finished, a bit more work to do on the legs/hooves and the goatee. Now that’s one big cow!  

Face to face – step 6

I told you, you big cow, that I was coming for you ! … Going crazy on those hair…

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Face to face – step 5

The wolf is finished! Buffalo, beware of my brushes, I’m coming for you!  

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Face to Face – step 4

Finally, I had time to start on the wolf! I’m quite happy with it at the moment, it’s a lot of work, I almost have to paint all the hairs, but it’s worth it. Can’t wait to see it finished!

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